Knoda Makes Predicting Social with New Groups Feature

Knoda Makes Predicting Social with New Groups Feature

Private Groups Allow Knoda Users to Share Predictions Within Only Their Social Circles

Kansas City, Mo. – April 15, 2013 – Knoda (NODE-uh) announced Tuesday the release of a new Groups feature to allow users to make predictions privately within their social circles. The feature is immediately available and Knoda’s iPhone and Android mobile applications. New users can sign up for Knoda from any device here.

“From the moment we launched, we had many people ask us if they could make private predictions that only select friends could see,” co-founder Kyle Rogers said. “This is now possible. We can’t wait to see how private groups unfold.”

To create a group:

  • Click on the “Groups” button from the mobile side navigation or the “Groups” icon on

  • Give the group a name, a brief description and select an avatar

  • Invite your friends:

    • By email

    • By text message

    • By their Knoda username

    • Post an invitation link on an external website or blog

    • Post an invitation link on social media

Predictions made within a Group will only be visible to the members of that Group. All other Knoda mechanics remain the same.

Knoda will also introduce leaderboards for the first time, showing the 7-day, 30-day and All-Time leaders within each Group.

“Knoda is all about competition, all about reminding your friends of that brilliant prediction you made yesterday, last week or six months ago,” Rogers said. “Just in our internal testing of Groups, competition to get to the top of the leaderboard got pretty fierce.”

Types of private Groups users have requested:

  • High school friend groups

  • Fraternity & sorority groups

  • Coworker groups

  • Sports team fan groups

  • TV show fan groups (The Voice, The Bachelor, American Idol etc)

  • Major event groups (Super Bowl, The Oscars, The Masters etc)

  • Political interest groups

Knoda launched on iOS in December. The team released web and Android functionality in January and March, respectively.

To sign up for Knoda, visit from your device of choice.

About Knoda: Knoda is a technology company that provides users an app-based platform to make, track, rank and archive predictions. Knoda technology scores predictions and reports each user’s successes. The aggregated predictions represent a unique form of crowd-sourced content. To learn more about Knoda, watch their pitch from SparkLabKC Demo Day last August:

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