LightBridge Selected As Member of Prestigious Dell Founders Club 50

LightBridge Selected As Member of Prestigious Dell Founders Club 50

LightBridge, Inc. announced today it has been named to the Dell Founders Club 50, an exclusive list of companies that Dell has identified as high growth start-ups poised to become major disruptors in their specific industries. The Founders Club 50 is a two-year program designed to accelerate the growth of member companies, with focus areas including technology, sales enablement, networking, and capital.

Members of the Dell Founders Club 50 receive personalized support from Dell team members including access to the latest technology and expertise in the technology field. LightBridge joins the inaugural class, Spring 2014, of the Founders Club 50 program, which Dell officially announced earlier this month.

“Dell is excited to welcome LightBridge, a company driving innovation through distributed data storage with a state-of-the-art software solution, to the Founders Club. We look forward to working together to support them as they grow,” said Dell Entrepreneur-in-Residence Ingrid Vanderveldt.

LightBridge is focused on utilizing the resources provided from the program to enhance their reliable and scalable platform, helping to alleviate the costly future of exponential data growth. The company’s current plan includes building a world-class sales team and channel partner network, expanding the physical footprint of the LightBridge 5,000+ micro data centers and adding customer-requested features to the LightBridge ARCH product.

“LightBridge ARCH is a viable solution for replacing both Tier 3 and Tier 4 data storage,” said Greg Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at LightBridge. “Our initial product, ARCH, provides an automated and cost-effective process to monitor servers for cold files. We are dedicated to increasing the longevity of existing data center infrastructures our clients maintain and through our latest endeavor, we know LightBridge will deliver that to the customer.”

The Dell Founders Club 50 focuses primarily on companies that have been recently funded by a venture capital or angel firm. LightBridge, Inc. secured Series A funding in 2013 with a regional Midwest investment firm.

About Dell 
Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services that give them the power to do more. As the visionary outcome of a true entrepreneur, Dell is committed to help power the success of entrepreneurs by developing technology solutions that help their businesses increase productivity and grow. For more information, visit the Dell Center for Entrepreneurs at

About LightBridge 
LightBridge, launched in 2011, is the developer of LightBridge ARCH which resides on the resilient LightBridge platform. The two unique features of the platform are providing true data dispersion across the network of 5,000+ micro data centers. In addition, LightBridge allows for an additional layer of security through its unique File Sharding capabilities. File Sharding transforms highly secure files to segments, or shards, that are unrecognizable as individual entities. For more information, visit the LightBridge website at