6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Summer in the Sand

6 Reasons Why You Should Attend Summer in the Sand

Summer in the Sand

We get it—it’s hard to take time away from work. You’re busy hustling, often running a side-hustle in addition to a full-time job. But sometimes you have to break away from work in order to get to work and sharpen your skills. Summer in the Sand offers four (free!) events tailored to the needs of early-stage companies in Kansas City.  

Summer in the Sand kicks off on Wednesday, June 13 with How to Pitch to the Sandbox, hosted at the Sprint Accelerator. Each month, Digital Sandbox KC will offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to network and learn from Kansas City startup founders and investors.

Just in case you’re on the fence or aren’t sure what’s in store for you, we’ve created a list of our top reasons why you should attend this year’s Summer in the Sand events.

  1. Connect with funders face to face. Hear from investors who have supported Sandbox startups. Find out what they’re looking for. Share your idea and get some real feedback. 
  2. Build your network. There’s nothing like being in a room of like-minded people. You’re not alone in your startup journey. Meet entrepreneurs who’ve been there, done that. Bring plenty of business cards.
  3. Be inspired. You will be surrounded by innovative folks who are disrupting industries and solving problems using technology. Ask questions. Take notes. And learn from the experienced founders and funding experts.  
  4. Check out the digs. All sessions will be held at the Sprint Accelerator located in downtown Kansas City. Come early to enjoy CoWorking Wednesdays and the collaborative atmosphere at the accelerator.
  5. (Re)connect with the Sandbox. If you’re a tech startup in Kansas City, we are your people. Get to know our team, the companies that have received Sandbox funding and how we can help you move your tech startup idea forward.
  6. Have fun. Summer in the Sand is fun! These are super casual events where questions are encouraged and valuable connections are made.

See you there? Register now. And make sure your friends come too. 

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