Popularity of the Whiteboard2Boardroom Webinar Series Continues

Popularity of the Whiteboard2Boardroom Webinar Series Continues

The September 2020 Whiteboard2Boardroom webinar presented two technologies available for licensing from our partner institutions. The first, a Pandemic Tent developed by physicians at the University of Kansas Medical Center. The Pandemic Tent is a novel, portable, single-patient negative pressure environment with pathogen-filtration to mitigate aerosolization. It is small, and lightweight while in packaging with a long shelf life. Pandemic Tent provides a rapid and affordable way to produce a negative pressure environment enabling triage and emergent critical care procedures and preventing pathogens from entering and spreading in a facility and keeping healthcare workers safe. The team will be seeking capital for Contagion Solutions to assist in moving the product to market.

The second presentation addressed the fast-growing Internet of Things (IOT), which is facing significant security and scalability challenges. Edge computing addresses scalability and provides various benefits. A technology developed by researchers at the University of Missouri-St. Louis relates to the resources-management system of a computing network, addressing the ‘weak’ and ‘vulnerable’ aspects of the ever-increasing number of IoT devices located on the edge of the network. This is done by leveraging proven, industrial-grade technologies such as smart contracts and blockchain, which provides a both secure and flexible means of protecting data. The University seeks to work with a commercial partner and real-world data from which a use case will be developed to give the technology context in the application of choice. The technology can be the basis of a new startup or licensed to an established company.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more, or get connected with one of these technologies by contacting us at [email protected].

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