DivvyHQ Acquisition Propels Content Management into New Era

DivvyHQ Acquisition Propels Content Management into New Era

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, managing many content projects can quickly become overwhelming. This was the case for Brock Stechman and Brody Dorland, who were running a full-service marketing agency in 2011 and found themselves grappling with the complexities of managing numerous campaigns.

“We were creating a ton of content with our team, freelancers and contractors, and it became harder and harder to manage all those content projects,” Brock says.

Frustrated with the existing workflow tools that couldn’t cater to their specific needs, they decided to build their own solution.

“We tried using some online workflow tools, and nothing really worked for the nuances and complexities of planning, managing and publishing content,” Brock says. “So, we ultimately decided to create our own tool.”.

The two officially launched the tool at the first Content Marketing World conference in 2011, and a few big brands immediately signed up.

“That really showed us that we had struck a chord,” Brock says. “The pain that we were experiencing was nothing compared to some of these bigger organizations. So, we decided to go all in.”

Digital Sandbox KC provides early support and growth

DivvyHQ’s journey hit another crucial milestone early on when the founders applied for support from Digital Sandbox KC in 2013, a move that catalyzed the startup’s early growth.

After a successful application and pitch, DivvyHQ received project funding from Digital Sandbox KC, allowing the company to hire key talent and elevate its prototype into a more robust solution.

“As big brands began to sign up, it became obvious that we needed to professionalize our approach and build a robust foundation for growth,” says Brody. “Sandbox funding allowed us to hire a lead engineer and really take our prototype to the next level.”

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DivvyHQ and Lytho Join Forces

Earlier in 2024, DivvyHQ announced it had been acquired by Lytho, a company that helps customers achieve better content outcomes. While the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, the merger promises to blend the innovative strengths of both companies.

“Moving from a co-founder role to having specific roles within a larger company involves getting to know new dynamics and business units,” Brody says. “But overall, our cultures and visions are very similar, which has made the transition super easy.”.

Looking ahead, the DivvyHQ founders are focused on integrating its platform with Lytho’s tools to offer an even more comprehensive solution. This partnership aims to create a seamless experience for users by combining the strengths of both platforms.

“It’s an exciting time for both teams,” Brody says. “We are working closely with our customers to determine the best way to integrate and merge our solutions. This collaboration ultimately is going to make for a better experience for all our customers.”

As the startup moves forward, DivvyHQ remains committed to innovation and customer satisfaction. The journey from a small digital agency to becoming part of a larger entity is a testament to the founders’ vision.