Sandbox Companies

Sandbox Companies

RJ Building Materials

RJ Building Materials creates innovative construction materials from recycled plastic using proprietary formulations and pressing methods. Structural sheathing panels exhibit improved strength, durability and environmental friendliness. 

Mentor Mentee

Mentor Mentee is a specialized SAAS platform that supports employers and new technicians in their growth and career paths. Mentor Mentee’s platform is available via the web, iOS and Android. 


MedCurate is Uber for health care staffing. The startup’s platform removes the middle-man — staffing agencies — to save health providers money

Tributum Tech

Tributum Tech is a private market investment compliance platform with an initial focus on Section 1202 of the Internal Revenue Code (Qualified Small Business Stock).

A Traveled Path Homes

A Traveled Path Homes is a tech startup in the lodging industry, offering a solution to health care employees who are challenged with finding safe, affordable and convenient lodging for their mid-term rental needs. 

VU Scholarships

VU Scholarships is helping high school students see the immense potential they have by awarding them scholarships from colleges before they even apply, making the college admissions process more exciting, effective and transparent. 


Playhaus is a smart wallet for your digital identity. The company’s software platform centralizes and transforms user and organizational data stored in third-party software to power an artificial intelligence system built on the blockchain.


Duesy makes registration and dues easy for youth sports teams.  

Drop of Wisdom

Drop of Wisdom provides personal growth and self-help content summaries and uses artificial intelligence to give structure to people’s efforts to change. 

Mpruv Sports

Mpruv Sports is releasing a series of peer-to-peer, on-demand, sports education marketplaces. The first app is Mpruv Golf, where users can get instant, on-demand, peer-to-peer golf lessons, where anyone can coach, and anyone can learn.