Sandbox Companies

Sandbox Companies

B2G Data

B2G Data addresses the issue of nursing retention through a mobile app that allows nurses to record activities, earn points for those activities and then redeem those points for incentives such as paid time off, gift cards, raffles and catalog items.

Hospital reimbursement for services is increasingly being tied to care quality. Staffing shortages and temporary staffing can lead to a decrease in overall care quality and patient satisfaction. Hospitals can improve their financial bottom line by focusing on nurse retention, using B2G Data’s Tak mobile app. Tak means “thank you” in Danish.

The initial target audience for the product is hospitals. B2G Data has launched a single location version of the app and plans to launch a multi-location app before the end of the year.

“We are very excited that Digital Sandbox KC has given their endorsement to our nurse retention app with both encouragement and finances,” said Gary Abram, DEO of B2G Data. “Digital Sandbox KC’s support will allow us to expand the app’s ability to work with multiple clients at once.” 


Tapyness is a one question, three button survey presented in a discrete location near an exit that provides consumers an easy way to report on their experience, in context. The results give business owners immediate and actionable insight.

Many small and medium size businesses are not receiving quality data on their customers’ experiences. Large organizations struggle to find “regular” customers willing to participate in long post-experience satisfaction surveys. Businesses need a way to get quick feedback in the manner in which customers consume their content – variable likes, retweets and pins.

Tapyness solves the issue of easy feedback for consumers. A tablet positioned near the exit of a retail establishment asks “How was your overall experience today?” Underneath are three responses (images/ text) from which the customer may choose or “tap:” thumbs up, thumbs middle, thumbs down. A reporting portal and dashboard service provided to the business allows the owner to see aggregate results by day and time ranges.  Further development will allow Tapyness to aggregate Facebook likes/ comments and Yelp stars/ comments to be displayed alongside results of the exit poll.

The initial target audience is small to medium size retail businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, fashion outlets, auto services, grocery stores and professional/ medical offices. 

Routine Success

Routine Success allows parents of children with ADHD and autism spectrum disorders to easily build digital routines to assist their children throughout the day. Routines are delivered to the child through a discreet, watch-form-factor wearable that minimizes the need for expensive and conspicuous hardware.

Many children with neurological conditions such as ADHD and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) thrive when they establish and follow predictable, repeatable routines. Step-by-step routines that are successful in a controlled environment like the home, where parents are closely monitoring behavior, become more difficult in a classroom.

Routine Success is an app for the Pebble smartwatch that allows parents to build easy-to-follow “routines” for a child through a user-friendly website. The child receives an alert at pre-determined times via a discreet vibration and is prompted to complete the appropriate steps. The routines are completely customizable to meet the child’s unique schedule. At the end of the day, parents can sync the watch with a smartphone and see how the child responded to the routines.


Flokk is a social event platform that connects people to great event experiences and rewards, while also analyzing pertinent data and content to connect event organizers to sponsors. The platform offers proximity-based promotions, automatic checks, real-time analytics as the event is happening and a customer loyalty program.

Many events only engage with their customers on a limited basis, usually during a transaction like buying a ticket, food or memorabilia. An event’s success can only be measured by the number of attendees.

Flokk’s social networking platform creates flexibility to interact with attendees in real time and allows event organizers to manage public/private offerings to select individuals. The platform provides information about attendees’ trends so that more effective promotions can be offered. For the event crowd, Flokk provides visual metrics to gauge event crowd, identify friends attending and events that are trending.

The product’s target market is companies that manage large entertainment venues and event promotion companies. Additionally, Flokk is targeting people ages 18-44 who attend events and use social media.


YouSpin is a socially interactive jukebox system and mobile application for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. YouSpin allows people to play music, chat with others in the venue, get drink specials, play trivia, and create their own bar experience from their fingertips.

Bar owners and nightclubs struggle throughout the week to keep customers in their bars, spending money and keeping them entertained for a reasonable cost. Bar owners can spend $150 or more a night on DJs at an empty bar.  YouSpin gives bar owners the ability to connect with their guests and keep them entertained during slow nights for fractions of the cost. YouSpin changes slow and boring nights into fast, fun, and profitable nights.

YouSpin allows customers to select from a large catalog of music and play those songs on the bar’s sound system. YouSpin also allows customers to chat with others in the venue on the television screens, take advantage of impromptu bar specials, play games and trivia. YouSpin enables bar owners to connect with their customers and get real time feedback on promotional specials. YouSpin puts the power in the people’s hand letting them create their own party from their fingertips.

Vector Legal Method

Vector is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) case management solution for litigation (law firms, attorneys, and clients).  Designed and tested by several litigators, Vector applies a uniform and intuitive structure that all litigators can use to organize their workflow.  It effectively manages document storage and retrieval, the case deadlines and tasks associated with those documents, and provides “at-a-glance” case status overviews and case summaries (for case tracking, reports and analytics).

Despite the litigation industry’s size and sophistication, until Vector there was no standard architecture to define and structure the legal events and related documents in a case.  Individual lawyers have been forced to cobble together their own system to organize and track the progress, results, next steps, and strategy of each case.  As a result, litigation has often collapsed into a jumbled mess of documents, deadlines, tasks, and to-dos that are collected and reside across disjointed products, platforms, and hard-copy files.  This critical flaw hamstrings lawyers and undermines the existing litigation management products, which provide technology without the critical underlying architecture at the core of Vector.  

Vector brings lawyers and litigation into the 21st Century by doing for litigation what did for salespeople and sales managers.  A quick glance at the Vector dashboard will (1) show attorneys, law firms, and clients the status and stage of each case or groups of cases, (2) enable authorized attorneys to quickly go from that overview to any document, deadline, or to-do related to a specific case, and (3) empower law firms, attorneys, and clients to track performance over the life of a case or a group or series of cases.  Finally, because Vector’s underlying organizational structure effectively provides a definitive litigation roadmap, it also promises to standardize and improve associate and law school training and educationcase; and (3) empower law firms, attorneys, and clients to track performance across the course of a case or a series of cases. 

Foundation Accelerator

Foundation Accelerator is a comprehensive software platform for residential foundation repair contractors to help them stay organized and efficient while dramatically increasing the quality of service and reducing costs.  Few resources have been customized to this type of contracting business.

Accelerated Development Group, LLC has built a web-based software platform (Foundation Accelerator) that provides a turn-key business management solution for foundation repair contractors.  Key modules of the software provide automated bid/contracts, proven structural evaluation system, engineering and detailed material ordering. The software not only manages and automates the business, but also provides tools to properly diagnose and design structural repairs.

The software also provides tools for the manufacturers of foundation repair products to connect to their contractor networks. Currently, there is no other provider of a complete software solution in this market.


FireBoard is a Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer, designed for remote monitoring in both hot and cold environments, primarily in the commercial setting.   By bringing the thermometer into the “cloud connected age” using a feature-rich and cost-effective device, FireBoard solves a simple problem across multiple industry verticals including food service, transportation, health care, pharmaceuticals, and technology.

Many small businesses rely on a temperature controlled environment to properly, and safely, operate their business. Traditionally, checking the temperature manually and maintaining a log-book has been the baseline standard for monitoring temperature-controlled environments. Although technology has been available to monitor temperature remotely, these systems are expensive, require professional installation and are not very user friendly.

The FireBoard solution consists of a hardware device and a commercial cloud subscription, which allows 24/7/365 monitoring and history. The hardware device couples with temperature probes which can be conveniently installed in any location to monitor hot or cold temperatures.  The cloud service allows simple access and visibility from anywhere internet is available to monitor the system in real time. Alerts can be sent via SMS or email and can be configured remotely.

HCI Energy

HCI Energy has created the rapidly deployable Hybrid Cube as an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional generator technologies. Using a proprietary combination of field-proven innovations, the patented product will deliver a cost savings of up to 60 percent over traditional backup energy sources by improving performance through increased reliability and streamlining operations as a result of its innovative design.

The Hybrid Cube leverages wind, solar, green fuel cell and generator technologies to deliver reliable power with enhanced cost certainty in an unpredictable fuel market. Due to the solution’s secure, durable standard ISO-shipping container design, the opportunity to leverage increased output with lower total energy requirements in a format that leaves the surrounding environment unharmed is an attractive alternative for industries and communities worldwide.

HCI Energy developed the Hybrid Cube in an effort to assist with applications such as homeland security, wireless telecom support and disaster relief throughout the continental United States. Yet, the technology provides even greater opportunities globally for producing efficient, reliable power in unreliable grid or off-grid areas for cell phone tower operation, train signaling, U.S. overseas military operations, energy extraction, construction site back-up power and tailored community-based needs.



gr8box helps customers discover foods free of the Big 8 Allergens. Each month gr8box sends a subscription box with 8 different, healthy snack and meal items. The website collects consumer feedback and helps customers find their new favorites locally and in the company’s ecommerce store. Consumer feedback and demographics are sold to help ensure consumers can access better products in the future.

The products available to those who eat an allergen free diet, out of necessity or optimal health, are not as accessible as traditional mainstream products. While demand is rapidly increasing, supply and distribution are lacking. This often results in frustration, wasted time and expense to the customer. Customers also lack a close tie to manufacturers and distributors to ensure there are improvements in taste and accessibility. Current practices force customers to wait until the next product is released, hoping it’s better.

Each month gr8box will send a subscription box filled with eight healthy, unique snack and meal items for customers to sample. Should the customers choose to add the item to their current diet, customers are directed to an online store for purchase and are provided inserts for their local grocery stores to stock the item. Also included in the box are manufacturers’ coupons and an offer to answer questions (via the website) about the enclosed products. In exchange for feedback, a discount will be given on the next month’s box. This data will be packaged in salable form and sold to manufacturers, distributors and data research firms to better improve the allergy free market all the while empowering the customer. gr8box believes allergy free items should be accessible.

“We’re honored Digital Sandbox KC has selected gr8box to receive this funding to complete our development,” said Terri Jordan, founder.