Sandbox Companies

Sandbox Companies

Mpruv Sports

Mpruv Sports is releasing a series of peer-to-peer, on-demand, sports education marketplaces. The first app is Mpruv Golf, where users can get instant, on-demand, peer-to-peer golf lessons, where anyone can coach, and anyone can learn.

Heft IQ

Heft IQ’s goal is to become the operating system that grows small and medium brands into the next generation of big brands. The company plans to do this by providing advanced analytics and real-time insights to grow businesses while extracting away the operational lift to manage warehousing and fulfillment partners to achieve last-mile delivery capabilities.

Pickle System

Pickle System‘s mission is to improve the lives of individuals with autism and developmental disabilities through providing a personal, accessible, and hands-off resource utilizing video models, image-based content, and evidence-based guidance.

Raise Health Innovations

Raise Health Innovations is revolutionizing how we approach mental health, enabling organizations to proactively detect and prevent major mental health crises.


Marma Nutrition is a platform that empowers women with personalized nutrition guidance during fertility, pregnancy and postpartum. The majority of pregnant people are nutritionally deficient, despite taking prenatal supplements. Marma nourishes birthing bodies with the evidence-based information they seek, all in one convenient mobile app.



Glownar is a hardware and software product that will revolutionize how emergency medical services function. With Glownar’s hardware, EMS will be guided to your doorstep by light, and the software will ensure EMS receives pertinent information about you and your loved ones.


Techne360 intends to harness the rapidly growing digital transformation that companies are undertaking by constructing “digital twins” of physical environments. The startup does this by using cutting-edge technology utilizing the company’s proprietary high-definition virtual-reality platform, which enables simultaneous workflow collaboration across global geographies in support of business-planning processes.

Diced Digital

Diced Digital is a Web3-focused learn-to-earn portal that transforms disadvantaged 7th to 12th graders through fractional asset ownership. Its mission is to empower our most vulnerable student populations by bridging trauma-informed, practical financial literacy and future-focused Web3 protocols (crypto and NFTs) with often overlooked mindset and belief system awareness.

Folks Capital

Folks Capital is an investment platform that promotes wealth-building through attainable homeownership.



HealthyID is a life-science company that is focused on preventative health products and services. The startup’s mission is to help people move from “sick care” to “health care” through at-home wellness testing, education and innovation. In addition to providing at-home wellness testing for consumers, HealthyID helps inspire wellness through technology to drive behavior modification and improved processes for remote testing and risk-assessment services.