Who Can Submit an Idea

Digital Sandbox KC provides critical proof-of-concept funding, mentoring, and connections to help founders build viable innovations ready for follow-on funding. Since our program’s inception in 2013, The Sandbox has provided project development funding for 148 area startups, which has spurred $154 million in total follow-on funding.

Digital Sandbox awards project grants four times a year. Of the companies funded in 2020, 33% were women, while 60% were entrepreneurs of color.

Ideas from people and businesses based in Kansas City and the Missouri portions of the 14-county Kansas City Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) are eligible to receive project financing. Until October 2022, Digital Sandbox KC is accepting ideas* being developed in response to COVID relief from the 22-county Combined Statistical Area (CSA). Solutions in the following areas are strongly encouraged to apply:

  • Digital Equity
  • Education Technology
  • Health Technology

*All ideas, regardless of industry, are eligible so long as they fit within the parameters listed above.


Digital Sandbox KC is best positioned to help companies that:

  • Have a significant IT/digital component
  • Have disruptive technologies/clear competitive advantages
  • Are building platform technologies, enabling the development of future products and processes
  • Are local and plan to stay local
  • Have strong, clearly defined management teams
  • Are not already in the marketplace
  • Need first in funding
  • Have a project of some sort standing between them and key investors or customers

Curious about what makes a successful pitch to the Sandbox? Download our “How to Pitch to the Sandbox” deck here. Have more questions? Send us a note!

Submit Your Idea

The Digital Sandbox process requires:

  1. Submit your idea using the Digital Sandbox KC online application below
  2. A meeting/pitch evaluation
  3. A board vote

To proceed with funding requests, you’ll need to submit your idea using the online application below.

Please keep in mind that this summary will be viewed by those evaluating your submission; those participating in your meeting/pitch and by the board for voting purposes.

Once we’ve received your application, we’ll review it for completeness and then send you information regarding next steps.

Submission Tip:  Thoroughly reading the Frequently Asked Questions prior to submission may improve your outcome.

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