3D Printing Configurable Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

3D Printing Configurable Reinforcement for Concrete Structures

Missouri S&T researchers have developed a novel 3D printing nozzle capable of printing reinforced concrete. Our researchers have found a way to configure a reinforcement structure during the concrete printing process. The nozzle can configure almost any pattern of reinforcement, including a helix, through press forming.  This allows for the creation of stirrups and other patterns that resist shear in the section. This invention relies on using a feeding algorithm to ensure that the reinforcement and concrete are being fed at the same rate. This process uses a special mix of concrete in order to avoid defects as the reinforcement moves within the flowing concrete. This system allows for architects and engineers to configure reinforcement without cage assembly or pre-installment, and achieve large-span, slender, free-formed buildings and other structures.


  • Concrete reinforcement being mechanically configured into desired patterns and shapes during 3D concrete printing
  • State of Development
  • Disclosure submitted May of 2019

Additional Details

Owner: Missouri, Science & Technology

IP Protection Status: Pending Patent