A Novel Breast Tumor Imaging Agent

A Novel Breast Tumor Imaging Agent

Inventors at the University of Missouri have developed a novel breast tumor imaging agent capable of imaging for accurate diagnosis and staging of distant breast metastases. The agent can help detect tumors even under 1 centimeter in size.


Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women globally. Every year 200,000 new cases are diagnosed worldwide and this number is increasing. According to latest data by the CDC, in 2015- the latest year for which incidence data are available, 242,476 new cases of Female Breast Cancer were reported, and 41,523 women died of Female Breast Cancer in the United States.

Modalities for screening/early diagnosis of breast cancer have evolved over the years. Scintimammography or molecular breast imaging is an upcoming modality and has shown excellent reproducibility for detecting breast carcinomas. The current invention is a novel radio-pharmacological SPECT agent that has shown promising results in mouse models.


  • Primary breast tumors
  • Metastatic breast tumors


  • This technology can detect primary as well as distant metastatic tumors of less than one centimeter diameter often missed by other imaging modalities.

Patent Status

  • Patent pending

State of Development

  • Preclinical. Cell and animal studies have been performed.

Additional Details

Owner: University of Missouri-Columbia

IP Protection Status: Pending Patent