High-Capacity Molecular Nanocapsules for Drug Delivery

High-Capacity Molecular Nanocapsules for Drug Delivery

Inventors at the University of Missouri have developed stable metal-seamed nanocapsules with unprecedented stoichiometry, shape, and size, such that the internal volume is large and is completely isolated from the exterior of the capsule.  The nanocapsule is designed for pharmaceutical delivery, but has potential in a variety of additional applications.


The emergence of metal−organic frameworks (MOFs) as functional ultrahigh surface area materials is one of the most exciting recent developments in solid-state chemistry.  Useful properties such as large internal surface areas, ultralow densities, and the availability of uniformly structured cavities and portals of molecular dimensions describe useful MOFs.  Another attractive feature is the simplicity of their synthesis.  However, issues such as their toxicity, degradability, and formulation limit their practical use in drug delivery.  The current invention bypasses these limitations and provides a non-toxic, stable and easily synthesized nanocapsule.


  • Pharmaceutical delivery, both systemic and targeted


  • Large volume that enables delivery of larger molecules
  • Stable
  • Non-toxic

State of Development

A stable metal-organic framework has been successfully synthesized and characterized.

Additional Details

Owner: University of Missouir-COlumbia

IP Protection Status: Pending Patent