Connecting investors in the Kansas City area with resources, events and tools to learn more about investing in early-stage companies

Empowering KC investors

KCInvestED assists investors in the Kansas City area by providing access to resources, events, and tools for gaining knowledge about early-stage company investment. Our mission is to identify, educate and connect existing and potential investors and track investments in our region.

Connect with fellow investors to share insights, experiences and strategies for successful early-stage investing.

Knowledge, connections, investments

The primary objectives of KCInvestED are twofold: to enhance investors’ understanding and networking capabilities, and to raise awareness within the community about the significance of investment activity in driving economic development.

By providing access to educational materials, organizing networking events, and offering practical tools, KCInvestED strives to equip investors with the knowledge and connections necessary to make informed decisions in the realm of early-stage investment.

Get connected.


An informal, private way for learning about early-stage deals and seeking early-stage capital. Entrepreneurs can indicate what kind of capital they are seeking.