PreScreend is a predictive analytics platform that provides businesses and consumers a way to authenticate and verify someone’s real identity. Big data is also used to identify criminal methods and create behavioral DNA, allowing for identification based on how a person acts, rather than their genetic make-up.

PreScreend’s first party consent based model provides users with a proactive layer of personal safety and security. In an on-demand economy people get into cars with complete strangers, trust freelancers with proprietary technology secrets, and sleep in the beds of people they’ve never met. PreScreend’s platform searches over a billion data points, and helps you stay safe before meeting strangers for the first time.

The company was founded by local and federal law enforcement professionals who have seen first-hand the need for safer interactions between strangers.

“In law enforcement, we always find ourselves being reactive when someone becomes the victim of a crime,” said Dustin Abercrombie, founder and CEO. “PreScreend will finally provide people with a way to be proactive with their personal safety. This opportunity allows for us to expand our technology infrastructure and automation capabilities while reducing the number of victims exponentially.”