Tapyness is a one question, three button survey presented in a discrete location near an exit that provides consumers an easy way to report on their experience, in context. The results give business owners immediate and actionable insight.

Many small and medium size businesses are not receiving quality data on their customers’ experiences. Large organizations struggle to find “regular” customers willing to participate in long post-experience satisfaction surveys. Businesses need a way to get quick feedback in the manner in which customers consume their content – variable likes, retweets and pins.

Tapyness solves the issue of easy feedback for consumers. A tablet positioned near the exit of a retail establishment asks “How was your overall experience today?” Underneath are three responses (images/ text) from which the customer may choose or “tap:” thumbs up, thumbs middle, thumbs down. A reporting portal and dashboard service provided to the business allows the owner to see aggregate results by day and time ranges.  Further development will allow Tapyness to aggregate Facebook likes/ comments and Yelp stars/ comments to be displayed alongside results of the exit poll.

The initial target audience is small to medium size retail businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, fashion outlets, auto services, grocery stores and professional/ medical offices.