Sandbox Companies

Sandbox Companies

Poshed on the Go

Poshed on the Go is a mobile app that allows clients to shop and book on-location salon or spa services with pre-qualified licensed beauty professionals, on-demand or by appointment.

Redpoint Summit

Redpoint Summit is a health care tech company focused on reducing clinician burnout through electronic medical record personalization at scale. The startup evaluates each clinician through AI data analysis and identifies their electronic medical record usage patterns. Redpoint Summit then uses automation to build streamlined content that reduces frustration and keyboard time.

WellMi (previously Health Partners MD)

Health Partners MD saves employers money on their health care costs by improving the health of the workforce through a disease-management program that addresses obesity and obesity-related conditions.


Scout brings anesthetic planning, monitoring, and dental charting in veterinary hospitals to the cloud. The application replaces what is typically done by hand with pen and paper by doctors and veterinary technicians while maintaining AAHA compliance. It provides an all-in-one hub for patient vitals and dental prophylactic procedure charting, allowing veterinarians to completely chart and record dental prophylactic procedures from start to finish and create a legal medical record.

Empower Fresh

Empower Fresh (eFresh), created by produce experts for produce professionals, is a cloud-based solution for produce department management to protect margins, reduce shrink and maximize produce sales. Empower Fresh provides customized business intelligence delivered directly into the hands of produce managers in a practical, easy-to-use format. The ideal user is the custodian of profit margins, waste management and competitive positioning. The eFresh solution delivers FreshXperts coaching and educational tips for the food handlers at store and corporate levels. It is a practical tool promising to deliver immediate return on investment while simultaneously keeping produce managers competitive in their marketplace.


DeskSides will be a first-of-its-kind public relations disintermediation platform. This digital platform—costing per year what a PR agency costs per month—will streamline a stale process so brands and journalists can harmoniously conduct PR without the publicist.


Accessibility should be everywhere, so the AskSAMIE by Accessible Living team is building a web app that guides family caregivers and health care teams through simple but clinically powerful questions to help them order the right adaptive equipment specific to each older adult’s physical and environmental needs so they can live at home safely.

Phog Labs

Phog Labs is building unique, sports-driven games for virtual-reality platforms that will give customers fast-paced workouts from their own home. Phog Labs’ first game, “Wallball,” is best described as “3D Pong” and will be released on the Meta Quest VR platform later in 2022.

Venues Made Simple

Venues Made Simple is innovating the wedding industry by creating an online platform that simplifies how engaged couples find and book venues. This uniquely designed client relationship management tool will better help venues connect with brides and grooms, and the platform’s fully transparent process will simplify the lives of venues and engaged couples.


DataAppraisal’s automated proprietary solution helps companies discover the monetary value in their data assets, allowing them to engage in new revenue opportunities without the risk of being undervalued.