Don’t navigate the startup journey alone. Join our Roundtables to connect with like-minded founders, share challenges, and accelerate your growth.

What are Roundtables?

Tech Venture Studio’s Roundtables are curated groups of visionary founders that meet monthly to exchange lived experiences, critical challenges and ask great questions. Roundtables aren’t just about networking – they’re your strategic hub for tactical insights and practical wisdom.

Join us today and elevate your entrepreneurial journey with Tech Venture Studio’s Roundtables!

Forge meaningful connections.

At Tech Venture Studio, our extensive involvement with Kansas City entrepreneurs offers us a distinctive platform for fostering connectivity among resources and founders alike.

Through our Roundtables, we carefully curate small groups of founders at comparable growth stages. These roundtables serve as dynamic forums where entrepreneurs can engage with and influence one another’s paths to success.

Nomi Smith

Being surrounded by other CEO’s who are going through the same path as I has been super helpful. I often feel energized after each meeting and walk away with new learnings from each of our peers. More importantly, our group holds safe space for me to talk about the challenges I or my company is facing and they each give their advice from their experience and perspectives.

Nomi SmithFounder and CEO - PMI Rate Pro

Founders helping founders

Join a dynamic ecosystem of tech entrepreneurs dedicated to uplifting one another. Explore new perspectives, overcome challenges and celebrate successes. Explore new perspectives through diverse lenses, surmount obstacles together, and rejoice in collective victories.

Reach out to join our Roundtables and harness the collective knowledge of Kansas City’s thriving entrepreneurial community.

Megan O'Rear

Starting a new business can be isolating at times. Being able to talk with peers with diverse but relevant experiences, is an invaluable resource. The time together provides an objective sounding board where you can discuss challenges, concerns, opportunities and feel confident in the trust and guidance provided. It has been an absolute highlight of my month.

Megan O'RearFounder and CEO - Celerity Enterprises