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Tech Venture Studio provides a variety of resources to educate, advise and support startups as they build software-based products.

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At Tech Venture Studio, we understand the challenges that non-technical founders face when bringing their ideas to life in the digital space. To support startups in their building phases, we provides a variety of resources to educate, advise and ultimately move your business and product forward.

Whether you need help refining your product vision, finding the right technical talent, or navigating the complexities of software development, we’re here to help you succeed.

We’re here to help.

Idea Validation

MVP Scope

Customer Discovery

Early-Stage Product Strategy

Product Roadmap

Technical Requirements

Product Development Sprint

Each year Tech Venture Studio holds a Product Development Sprint, an event designed to teach founders to effectively communicate their business and product vision to product professionals. Our annual sprint helps bridge the gap between nontechnical ideas like the vision and market opportunity and the detail-oriented technical execution of product scope and requirements.

After the course, startup founders will be able to translate their business vision, market opportunity and solution to functional and technical requirements.

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Below are a few resources — videos, articles and worksheets — providing a glimpse into Product Development and why it’s important to the success of your startup.