Sandbox Companies

Sandbox Companies


HelixHealth is a clinical business intelligence solution using AI to help healthcare providers allocate their resources to improve health outcomes and lower the cost of care.



FilmDove is an intelligent analytics platform that empowers filmmakers and studios to build their brands by connecting them to the right audiences, resources, film festivals and distributors. FilmDove’s mission is to bridge the gap between content producers and distributors.

Erkios Systems

Erkios Systems has developed the first patented physical security ecosystem for network hardware. Fortifi, from Erkios Systems, is designed to prevent data theft by limiting port access from internal sources.

Dynamhex Technologies

Dynamhex Technologies is an enterprise SaaS platform and forecasting tool that facilitates collaborative environmental actions between businesses and governments. Customers use advanced analytics and machine learning to manage energy consumption and implement climate action plans with solutions at various geo-spatial resolutions. By linking timely, standardized and localized data, Dynamhex helps customers meet their city directives and corporate climate pledges in a more transparent, tangible and cost-effective manner.


Finotta helps banks and credit unions personalize their digital banking experience.

B!TLab Innovations

B!TLab Innovations Smart Resume allows job seekers to optimize their resume automatically for each specific job in one click. It analyzes resumes, compares them to a job description, gives you a score, and then tailors your resume. 

iSocial (Nascent Stage Development)

iSocial is a virtual learning environment that lets children with autism learn and practice pro-social behavior in a safe, controlled space. iSocial is a research and evidence-based program focused on improving student interactions and was developed in conjunction with the University of Missouri and the Thompson Center for Autism and Neurological Disorders.

H3TV (H3 Enterprises)

H3TV is an EduTech company powered by the arts, entertainment and social interaction. With a focus on education and health & wellness, our innovative online programming carries a mission to empower young audiences to make positive changes to their everyday lives. The Founders, Reggie “Regg” Gray and Rappin’ Roy Scott created H3, “Healthy Hip Hop,” a new genre of children’s music. H3TV is successfully using this culturally responsive music as a learning tool to help children improve academic outcomes, physical health and social emotional development.


The goal is to change a generation through music, movement and a message! Reggie Regg and Rappin’ Roy are connecting with their fans on a personal level and sharing their message across the globe. 

IFTA Plus (Windsor Trucking Solutions)

Windsor Trucking Solutions creates SaaS compliance solutions for the trucking industry. Their IFTA Plus product is an online quarterly fuel tax preparation site that makes it fast and easy for truckers to prepare International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) returns.

Owner operators and small fleets make up the vast majority of the 1.2 million trucking companies in the United States. However, they are greatly underserved with accessible and simple to use solutions in order to remain compliant with state and federal regulations. Many of the solutions available today are made for large fleets, are not user-friendly and are not affordable for the trucker.

IFTA Plus automatically calculates taxes owed or the amount a company will be credited. The solution automatically fills in actual state forms so the company/trucker needs only to sign and send. A mobile app tied into the SaaS solution is scheduled to launch in the next few weeks.

“I’m extremely excited to be part of Digital Sandbox,” said Jason Read, CEO of Windsor Trucking Solutions. “The funding is key for the development of our Partner Integration Platform, which is foundational to the company’s growth and the continuing integration demands from partner organizations.”

The Agreeable Company

The Agreeable Company is developing a mobile app (Agreeable) that allows individuals planning meetings (especially those with strangers such as through Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist) to do so in a safer and more reliable manner. The in-app messaging and agreements function allows both parties to work out details, including a no-show fee.

One setting particularly dense with no-shows is online classifieds, with more than a billion ads posted annual. Initial target customers are grouped by frequency of online classifieds use, including super sellers (buy or sell weekly); smart shoppers (buy or sell monthly); and spring cleaners (casual users of online classifieds).

The app not only allows for meeting details to be set with both parties, but the app also detects whether either party is present at the time of the meeting using the users’ phone location technology. The app then automatically compensates the user when there is a no show. Additional features include a rating system on users and suggested safe meeting locations.

“We’re excited to have been selected for Digital Sandbox KC,” said Ian Hoffman, co-founder and CEO. “It’s great to see others believe in our vision as much as we do, and this will allow Agreeable to grow our website features, giving our customers a more comfortable and full-featured tool for their meetings.”