Endoluminal Access Tube

Endoluminal Access Tube

An improved next generation endoluminal access tube that offers several advantages over current gastrostomy and cecostomy access tubes. The access tube can also be configured for placement in a bladder or to drain fluid from an abscess.


  • An improved endoluminal access tube. The tube length is customizable after insertion into the lumen and is then secured externally with an adjustable retention clamp.
  • Ensures the proper fit for every patient every time
  • Streamlines inventory
  • Tube design allows initial placement directly through the body wall, or via the esophagus, providing flexibility in choosing the most desirable route for placement
  • Innovative low profile internal retention device with deployable arms covered by a protective membrane offers many improvements over current retention mechanisms
  • Decreases luminal obstruction
  • Minimizes injury to the tract during deployment and internal wall while deployed
  • Reduces leakage along the tract
  • Eliminates risk of retention balloon leak leading to dislodgement
  • Permits easy removal of the access tube

Additional Details

Owner: Children's Mercy Hospital

IP Protection Status: Pending Patent