Flokk is a social event platform that connects people to great event experiences and rewards, while also analyzing pertinent data and content to connect event organizers to sponsors. The platform offers proximity-based promotions, automatic checks, real-time analytics as the event is happening and a customer loyalty program.

Many events only engage with their customers on a limited basis, usually during a transaction like buying a ticket, food or memorabilia. An event’s success can only be measured by the number of attendees.

Flokk’s social networking platform creates flexibility to interact with attendees in real time and allows event organizers to manage public/private offerings to select individuals. The platform provides information about attendees’ trends so that more effective promotions can be offered. For the event crowd, Flokk provides visual metrics to gauge event crowd, identify friends attending and events that are trending.

The product’s target market is companies that manage large entertainment venues and event promotion companies. Additionally, Flokk is targeting people ages 18-44 who attend events and use social media.