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Take part in the pledge to give back once your company achieves financial stability. By signing this pledge, you acknowledge the invaluable support provided by Digital Sandbox KC in nurturing growth and fostering innovation in Kansas City’s tech ecosystem. By committing to give back, you guarantee that future generations of startups receive the same opportunities that propelled you forward. Together, let’s pay it forward and empower the next wave of tech innovators.

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Digital Sandbox depends on YOU to support promising tech startups, from visionary ideas to groundbreaking products. With your donation, you’ll become the driving force behind their success, fueling the future of technology innovation in KC. Together, we can turn ideas into reality. Join the You to One campaign today and can help drive innovation, create opportunities and build a brighter tomorrow.

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Elevate a tech startup with your $20k donation, propelling innovation and fostering the future of technology in KC.

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Double your impact and empower two promising tech startups to thrive with a $40k contribution.

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Triple the possibilities and pave the way for three visionary tech startups to flourish with a $60k donation.

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