How the Sandbox Helped this Entrepreneur Expand to New Markets

How the Sandbox Helped this Entrepreneur Expand to New Markets

Aaron Brennan

Entrepreneur and veteran Aaron Brennan watched business after business incorporate technology into their processes. Still, there was one industry that he didn’t see making the move. Trash.

“Somehow technology skipped over waste management,” said Brennan. “It looked like the next likely area to be reshaped and I wanted to be the person to do the molding.”

In July 2017, Brennan launched Toss it Curbside in his hometown of St. Joseph, Missouri, providing professional removal services for unwanted items and deliveries to donation and recycling centers, leaving little for the city’s landfill.

It didn’t take long for Toss it Curbside to catch on.

“My favorite part about St. Joe is that the people are so supportive,” said Brennan. “I’ve seen this city support nearly everything imaginable. Whether it’s an Ice Bucket Challenge or a business—the people in St. Joseph care.”

As Brennan prepared to expand Toss it Curbside to new markets, he turned to St. Joseph’s business support resources, including Missouri Western State University’s Craig School of Business.

With encouragement from Annette Weeks, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at MWSU, Brennan presented Toss it Curbside to the St. Joseph Sandbox evaluation team and was awarded $15,000 in project funding and coworking space in St. Joseph.

Brennan used the project funding from the Sandbox program to contract with a developer. By optimizing app- and web-based functions, the Toss it Curbside team can better coordinate item removals and deliveries across the region.

“The funding from Digital Sandbox KC and St. Joseph helped our business go further, faster,” said Brennan.

Growing your business in Northwest Missouri?

Digital Sandbox KC is now accepting applications from entrepreneurs in the St. Joseph area for the next round of project reviews. The deadline for applications is August 15. Seven companies will be chosen to present to a panel of Digital Sandbox KC and St. Joseph evaluators on September 12 in St. Joseph. Apply now!