Tune Takeout Set to Record and Distribute the FanAddict Crossroads Music Festival September 14, 2013

Tune Takeout Set to Record and Distribute the FanAddict Crossroads Music Festival September 14, 2013

FanAddict and SpiceofLife Productions, festival organizers, partner with Tune Takeout to sell downloads of the festivals’ live music performances
The organizers of the FanAddict Crossroads Music Festival, 2013 ( www.cmfkc.com) have partnered with Tune Takeout to record, sell and distribute digital recordings of the live music performed at the festival. The recordings are distributed via download. Tune Takeout will record up to 18 hours of music featuring as many as 24 bands at three (3) of the six (6) festival venues including the main outdoor venue, Crossroads at Grinders (www.crossroadskc.com). Tune Takeout will sell the recordings to attendees before and during the festival.

There will be two download packages available, a complete collection featuring all bands from all three venues, and a smaller sampler of selected bands. After the festival the download packages will be available for purchase online, becoming part of Tune Takeout’s ever growing catalog of live music.

“We have put a lot of work and effort into developing Tune Takeout into a ‘must do
commerce opportunity’ for festivals, touring acts and the live music industry as a whole. This event marks the first on our fall schedule in Kansas City. Our product, the digital recordings, is truly unique and is ushering in a new revenue stream for the live music industry. We look forward to providing real value for the festival organizers, the bands, and the audiences alike,” said Alan Harris, Founder and Managing partner of Tune Takeout.

About Tune Takeout
Tune Takeout records, sells, and distributes live music performances to audiences through our innovative applied technology methodology. Founded in Kansas City, Tune Takeout is now expanding to record live shows nationwide. Its business model represents a much needed vertical commerce opportunity for the live music industry. Tune Takeout partners with music producers to provide a complete solution to capturing their performances, generating additional revenue and increasing song inventory. Tune Takeout takes a complete commerce partner approach with labels and bands and does not require upfront fees, greatly increasing the economic impact of our value proposition.

For Additional Information on Tune Takeout – www.tunetakeout.com