This Kansas City Startup is Guiding Personal Growth using AI

This Kansas City Startup is Guiding Personal Growth using AI

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is of the essence and information overload is a constant struggle, finding a way to distill valuable insights and growth strategies from lengthy content can be a challenge. 

This is the exact challenge that Drop Of Wisdom, a groundbreaking startup based in Kansas City, Missouri is tackling head-on. The company’s mission is simple yet profound: to distill and structure personal growth and self-help content, empowering individuals on their journeys of self-improvement. 

Turning Frustration into Innovation 

The inception of Drop Of Wisdom traces back to an ordinary car ride. 

Founder Louis Pires was on a road trip back from Las Vegas, engrossed in a podcast episode that was discussing habits for better sleep and increased energy. Despite the valuable insights, the lengthy format of the podcast posed a challenge: retaining key takeaways after the episode ended. This sparked the idea for a platform that could capture the essence of lengthy content, delivering the “golden nuggets” that could drive meaningful change. 

“I remember thinking that it would be awesome if there something that worked like SparkNotes but for podcasts and other forms of content,” Louis says. “I went and I researched online for things but couldn’t find anything and was really frustrated.”  

That frustration soon evolved into a mission to establish a platform curating and presenting the most impactful pieces of content relating to personal growth and self-help. 

Drops, Not Just Summaries 

Drop Of Wisdom reimagines content consumption by offering “drops” instead of traditional summaries. 

These drops are carefully curated pieces of knowledge extracted from extensive podcasts and books. The company develops these drops using artificial intelligence, allowing it to quickly create large numbers of content summaries from lengthy forms of content. 

The startup’s platform focuses on self-help and personal growth content, delving into the realm of behavioral changes that can reshape daily routines and habits. 

“Our emphasis is on self-help and personal growth content—content that primarily seeks to impart new skill sets,” Louis says. 

Currently, the company has around 700 books listed on its platform, but Louis has plans to quickly expand its library using user feedback. 

“What we’re going to do going forward is take feedback and input from our users for what content they’d like to get drops on next,” Louis says. “And that’s how we intend to grow our content—through user suggestions.” 

Receiving Critical Support from Digital Sandbox KC   

Drop of Wisdom was one of four companies to receive funding from Digital Sandbox KC for the organization’s second-quarter 2023 application cycle. The company will receive up to $20,000 in project funding along with additional support to help accelerate toward commercialization. 

Louis says the company plans to use the project funding to hire a software developer to build out the company’s website and habit tracker.   

“We’ve hired a local Kansas City software engineer, and he’s going to be working on building the software for our website so that the site can do everything that we need it to do,” Louis says. “And eventually, we’ll get to the point of building our habit tracker.” 

The habit tracker is a mobile app that will offer effective solutions to help individuals create, maintain and strengthen their daily habits so they are able to achieve their long-term goals. 

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A New Era of Learning 

Drop Of Wisdom isn’t just changing the way we consume content; it’s ushering in a new era of meaningful learning. 

By sifting through the sea of information and providing you with the most important insights, Drop Of Wisdom equips individuals with the tools they need to transform knowledge into action. The platform is a catalyst for personal growth, enabling individuals to embrace positive behavioral changes and unlock their fullest potential.